What Strength of Nicotine Pouch Should I Go For?

Nicotine Pouches
Nicotine Pouches

As a great alternative to smoking and tobacco pouches, nicotine pouches are growing rapidly in popularity in many regions across the world. This novel tobacco free product offers a convenient way to enjoy nicotine and flavors without smoke, odour, vapour, and other negative effects associated with consuming tobacco. 

An increasing number of people are attracted by these novel tiny pouches. However, many newbies should take into consideration in choosing the right nicotine pouch strength when starting to use the pouches, because just a couple extra milligrams of nicotine could lead to a completely different effect. If the strength is too high for you, it makes you feel unwell. Likewise, using nicotine strength is too low for you can’t meet your nicotine cravings.

Therefore, choosing the right strength nicotine pouch is very important for all nicopods users. NIOO nicotine pouches provide two distinctive milligram strengths – 9mg and 14mg, which two strengths can satisfy both mild and heavy nicotine cravings. You can choose one strength of nicopods according to your personal situation.

Why do we offer NIOO nicotine pouches in two strengths? 

All the specific nicotine strength we provided is based on extensive research about nicotine and the human body. After investing the average amounts of nicotine contained in cigarettes, vape, and chewing tobacco, we select two strengths – 9mg and 14mg – the most reasonable two nicotine strengths covering most people’s demands.

Generally, the average tobacco cigarette contains about 10mg to 28.8mg of nicotine. Why do we provide 9mg and 14mg options? That is because the nicotine can be directly absorbed through your inner mouth tissue bloodstream, as the pouch is placed between the gums and upper lips. That means nicotine pouch is more efficient than smoking or vaping.

Therefore, the nicotine strengths of 9mg and 14mg are suitable for most users, and can provide the same level of satisfaction as daily smoking or vaping. Increasing or lowering the nicotine strength may make the pouches’ effect too potent or weak to care for users’ demands. 

  • 9mg nicotine pouches 

Our 9mg strength is suitable for moderate smokers, who smoke less than one pack daily. These people have a lower nicotine tolerance, and most may find that consuming a pack of cigarettes in one day makes them feel edgy or agitated. If you are a light or moderate nicotine user, choose the NIOO 9mg nicotine pouches that are right for you. Each pouch won’t be too strong to make you feel uncomfortable, delivering top-quality nicotine with tasty flavors in your mouth. 

  • 14mg nicotine pouches

NIOO 14 nicotine pouches can be your more potent option. And many customers of NIOO pouches have expressed that this strong nicotine pouch perfectly soothes their cravings for nicotine. If you are a heavier nicotine user, choose it without hesitation! NIOO nicotine pouches whit higher strength offer excellent nicotine stimulation that is felt almost instantaneously, which is potent enough to quench your most intense cravings.

Besides considering the various personal choice, we also provide customized services to our clients. Contact us if you have your own idea, and our NIOO Labs, with years of experience and the most advanced technology, will create pouches that are well-designed in strength adjustment according to your requirements.

What strength should I use? 

Now that you know the two strengths we offer, you may still wonder what nicotine strength you should use. Actually, that depends on many things. There are no complex rules for choosing nicotine pouch strength as people vary in their tolerance and sensitivity to nicotine. Besides, the pursuits of using nicopods are also different for the users.

However, we can provide some tips to successfully select the right strength for you, which can also be used for other nicotine products.

1. Start low and go slow

Many nicotine users believe they are hardcore in nicotine tolerance. That may be true for parts of them, as they can consume a large number of cigarettes a day. However, that doesn’t mean you can accept the nciopods with high strength. Because nicotine pouch contains much more nicotine than vapes or cigarettes, and its effective time is quicker than inhalation, meanwhile offering a stronger sensation than traditional smoking.

So the new beginners, including the ex-smokers, should start with the low strength and slowly adjust the strength if they need the pouches with a higher strength to alleviate their cravings. In a word, remember to “start low and go slow.”

2. Don’t chase a stimulation

When using nicotine pouches, don’t only believe that the only reason to use nicopods is chasing for stronger stimulation. Once you are up-dosing consistently, your nicotine tolerance is raised to an extremely high level, which is not beneficial to your health and makes you form bad habits in using nicotine products. 

Instead of stimulation chasing, you could focus on the various tasty flavors, the convenient using method, and other advantages of consuming nicotine pouches.

3. Know what feels right for you

As we mentioned above, there are no rules for choosing the nicotine pouches. Many factors contribute to the nicotine effects, such as nicotine tolerance, body weight, hunger, and others, which vary from person to person. The nicopods with the same strengths from various brands will lead to different effects. 

So you’d better try more nicotine pouches until you find the right choice. If you have not yet tried NIOO, invest in it, and we believe that our pouches can satisfy you in every aspect. 

4. Rotation of nicopods strength is advisable

Finally, using different strength levels of nicotine pouches throughout the day is quite advisable. And you can also make a plan to use the pouches reasonably according to the occasion, which allows you to enjoy them more appropriately. 

We hope this article can help you learn more about the strength of nicotine pouches, so that you can find your right strength and have a better user experience. Don’t forget to subscribe to our blogs for more useful tips!

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