Guide To Nicotine Pouches Dose Control

Nicotine pouches
Nicotine pouches

Which product is one of the most potential products in the next decade in the tobacco industry? Undoubtedly, it is the nicotine pouch, a small bag that can provide you with enough nicotine intake. Nicotine pouches make nicotine enjoyment more convenient and discreet than ever. People can get a nicotine kick anytime and anywhere. Consequently, nicotine pouches are prevalent, and at the same time, some users are up-dosing. 

For nicotine pouches, up-dosing usually refers to increasing the nicotine strength over time. It doesn’t mean raising the using frequency of the pouches, but rather using it of a higher strength each time than the last. 

Up-dosing for the long-term may cause issues that will trouble you a lot. Wanna know if you are up-dosing? Keep reading, and here are some recommendations for proper dose control of using nicotine pouches.

Why do users up-dose?

Since nicotine pouches are relatively new, especially compared to traditional tobacco-contained pouches like snus, there is somewhat of a lack of user guidance. Therefore, many beginners seek the thrill of stronger nicotine stimulation, unbeknown to the potential risks. We’ve done a survey and found some reasons that may serve as explanations:

1. Stimulation chasing 

Nicotine stimulation is the sensation of having high concentrations of nicotine in one pouch or taking multiple pouches at once, which you’ve never experienced before. As we all know, nicotine kicks can bring people a sense of satisfaction and fulfillment. Therefore, some users would neglect their tolerance to chase higher-strength nicotine for stronger stimulation. That is the problem: users will presume their tolerance level is very high, which limits their ability to enjoy the nicopods with regular strength.

2. Increased availability of the extremely high-strength pouches

Some new nicotine pouches are being launched with extremely high nicotine strength levels. They can contain up to 120mg of nicotine, which is unsuitable for people who use regular nicopods products. However, new users may think that strength level is normal, and once they have tried several times, their tolerance level will be increased to super high.

Why is up-dosing a bad idea?

Nicotine pouches are created for a healthier nicotine intake, as well as a safe alternative to quitting smoking. However, up-dosing seems like going away from the original intention that some reliable brands are still pursuing, such as NIOO nicotine pouches.

No matter what, if you want to use nicotine pouches safely, you should realize the following reasons to avoid up-dosing.

1. Health issues

Using nicotine products with high concentrations of nicotine frequently can lead to negative health outcomes. Up-dosing may cause a stronger nicotine dependence. Increased dependence on nicotine will make users desire more pouches with high strength throughout the day, increasing health risks. 

2. Tolerance issues 

When you use nicotine pouches with very strong levels regularly, your tolerance will be raised to such a high level that you can only feel the nicotine stimulation of stronger nicopods. There is no way to pick a fight on the occasional use of strong pouches. But it is not advised to use the pouches with extremely strong levels whenever you want.  

3. The growing severity of withdrawal reactions

If you have ever experienced quitting smoking, you must have a deep impression of withdrawal reactions. Generally, withdrawal symptom is a comfortable experience for most smokers. And as an effective cigarette alternative, nicotine pouches can help to reduce withdrawal reactions by providing proper amount of nicotine. However, up-dosing will cause the opposite effect and lead to more severe withdrawal symptoms, making quitting far tougher.

How to control the dosing while properly caring for nicotine cravings?

After reading the above descriptions, if you think you may be up-dosing, don’t worry, as there are some ways to maneuver out of up-dosing.

1. Gradually reduce the strength level

The withdrawal reactions can be eased by gradually reducing the strength level of nicotine pouches in your daily use. The key is to lower the dose step by step, as going from 120mg to 9mg suddenly can be uncomfortable. For instance, in your next order, you can pick nicotine pouches with different strength levels lower than your existing pouches. And then, take an experiment, and you can test which lower dose of nicopods can give you satisfaction. 

Congrats! You can get away with the pouches with higher nicotine strength by consistently using the nicopods with lower strength. And that is significant for you to get out of the habit of consuming such products as daily drivers.

2. Try to enjoy other aspects of nicotine pouches

In addition, to control the nicotine strength in your daily use, you can also prevent up-dosing by enjoying the other aspects of nicotine pouches. Flavour is one of the biggest reasons many people chase these small tobacco free bags. If you have no idea what flavors and brands deserve your choice, you can choose NIOO nicotine pouches.

No matter what novel flavors you want, you can find your preference in NIOO’s various crisp flavors. Here we recommend you its classic citrus flavor: it is a perfect balance of sour and sweet with a refreshing and tangy burst of citrus. Compliment your taste buds while enjoying nicotine stimulation, without the spit or mess.

Besides, NIOO pouches have more flavors for you to choose from. If you want to customize your personal recipe with a specific flavor, contact NIOO, and you will get a perfect solution!

3. Invest in the nicotine pouch that is produced with standard strength

Nicotine pouches, as the newly-launched products in the market, are temporarily unregulated. As these cleaner small bags are becoming more popular, some producers try to tempt new users with enticing can designs and extremely high nicotine strength. Therefore, it is also essential to choose a reliable supplier.

NIOO nicotine pouches are renowned worldwide for the high-quality products, standard production management, and world-class services. The strength of each NIOO pouch is strictly controlled under the supervision of NIOO Labs, a famous research laboratory with the most advanced technology for nicotine pouches innovation.

Don’t hesitate to invest in NIOO nicotine pouches and contribute to building a smokeless world with a healthier lifestyle! To learn more about nicotine pouch, you can read How to Choose the Best Nicotine Pouches.

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