Are Nicotine Pouches Safer than Chewing Tobacco?

Nicotine Pouches
Nicotine Pouches

Days are gone when you can escort yourself to a smoking area when the desire for nicotine hits. As anti-smoking regulations become stricter in some regions, smokers face more limitations. Fortunately, the smoke-free nicotine products offer smokers a perfect solution. 

Nicotine pouches and chewing tobacco, two of the most typical smokeless products, are popular cigarette alternatives among smokers who decide to ditch cigarettes. It is no wonder that they are often used for comparison. But, speaking seriously, which one of them is a safer choice for smokers?

To find out the answer, you need to learn some basic knowledge of the two products. Actually, the most significant difference between nicotine pouches and chewing tobacco is that the nicotine pouch doesn’t contain tobacco. As a nicotine-contained plant, tobacco is not absolutely beneficial to the human body, even though it is used by chewing rather than burning.

Therefore, the winner is destined for the tobacco free nicotine pouches. From the reality perspective, a nicotine pouch is not only a perfect solution for stopping smoking, but also a helpful tool for abandoning tobacco. 

If you want to learn more about those two smokeless products, keep reading and know how chewing tobacco and nicopods will affect your health. 

What are chewing tobacco & nicotine pouches?

If you want to abandon the cigarette and switch to a smokeless product, you’d better figure out the definition of two different smoke-free products.

Chewing tobacco

Chewing tobacco is available as plugs (bricks), loose leaves, or a twist of rope. Generally, a piece of tobacco is placed between the lower lip and cheek, and its whole position is near the back of the mouth. It can be held or chewed in place. The saliva is swallowed or spit out.

Although chewing tobacco has become popular in recent years, especially after the epidemic, it has a long history and was once called daps, chew, chaw, dip, and so on. After years of evolution, chewing tobacco has kept its original tobacco flavor by drying. Therefore, chewing tobacco is more prevalent among people who are used to smelling or tasting dried tobacco.

Nicotine pouches

Nicotine pouches, otherwise known as nicopods, are oral pouches that resemble tea bags. It doesn’t contain tobacco but nicotine, sweeteners, flavorings, and plant-based fibers. This small pouch can be placed between the gums and upper lips, and then releasing nicotine to your body lasts for 30-60 minutes (the time it takes effect depends on different brands).

Unlike chewing tobacco, nicotine pouches are innovated in recent years. And it can be said that it almost achieved immediate success after it launched in the market. 

The main reason it gets high praise is that nicotine pouches provide the customer with both strong nicotine kicks and rich flavors. So if you are tired of tobacco, why not pick those rich-flavored pouches?

How does chewing tobacco affect your health?

As we all know, chewing tobacco causes less harm to the human body than cigarettes – you won’t expose your lung to harmful chemicals. But is it totally harmless to your health? Actually, it is not. The more you know about the effects of chewing tobacco, the more you will understand the risks.

Here we will list some short-term effects that you need to take into considerations:

1. Bad breath: the tobacco will affect your oral hygiene. Chewing smokeless dried tobacco needs lots of saliva. However, saliva is crucial for people to keep a clean mouth with fresh breath, and losing too much saliva will break the balance of oral homeostasis, finally causing halitosis.

2. Sore throat: having a sore throat when consuming chewing products is normal, and that is mainly because the tobacco irritates the mucus membranes and the lining of the throat. Don’t neglect a sore throat, which can be a symptom of different types of severe illness in the throat region.

3. Inflammation and irritation of gum tissue: when chewing tobacco is used, it exposes the tissues and gums of the mouth to the tobacco for a long time, causing inflammation and irritation, making them red, swollen, or tender.

4. Nasty teeth stains: all tobacco products, including cigarette and chewing tobacco, will leave a covered filmy residue that stains users’ teeth. Be careful with your teeth if you have used tobacco products for over ten years! No one wants to lose his treasure – a bright smile.

Are nicotine pouches safer than chewing tobacco? 

Since you have learned the risks of chewing tobacco, you may prefer to choose another smokeless product – nicotine pouches. Of course, before investing in this newly-innovated product, you need to comprehensively understand these small bags. After all, it is a matter of personal health. Here are some features of nicotine pouches:

1. Tobacco free – no stained teeth and sore throat

As we’ve mentioned above, nicotine pouches are tobacco free products, which means all the issues caused by chewing tobacco will be fixed, including colored teeth and sore throat. You can enjoy nicotine more freely.

Although the tobacco free nicotine pouches are safer than chewing tobacco and smoking, different brands of nicopods provides various quality levels of their products. You can choose a reliable brand for a better user experience. Here we have to introduce NIOO nicotine pouches, a brand that you won’t forget once you try its products. 

2. Healthier material – making you stay away from oral diseases

Nicotine pouches are manufactured with advanced technology, and the high-quality nicopods cause no harm to your oral cavity. Some professional providers like NIOO nicotine pouch have their own laboratory – NIOO Labs. The tobacco specialist would select natural plants and derive nicotine from them, ensuring no extra harmful substances form during processing.

3. Quicker release – a quick aid to soothe your nicotine craving

When you desire nicotine, consuming a nicotine pouch will timely meet your need for nicotine intake, avoiding a withdrawal reaction. If you want to ensure a comfortable and satisfying nicotine kick, try NIOO moist nicotine pouches, which release more quickly and last longer.

Nicotine pouches are safe to use and are healthier than chewing tobacco. And among the various nicopods brands, NIOO is always here for you and can be your best choice.

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