Can You Quit Vaping with Nicotine Pouches?

Nicotine Pouches

Do you remember how you start vaping? Maybe you were attracted by the clever marketing tactics, or you used vape pens as tobacco cigarette alternatives for quitting. 

No matter what you’re intended, you really do need to abandon vape pens now. Research has shown that e-cigarettes will cause harmful effects on your body, and urge quitting vaping as soon as possible. Actually, in most cases, going the extra mile and achieving smokeless status is the ultimate way to improve your health.

However, just like quitting cigarettes, ditching e-vaporizers is no mean feat. Fortunately, for those seeking a vapour-free life, newly-launched nicotine pouches can be one of the most effective tools. The nicotine pouch, the latest tobacco free product in 2022, is available in abundance, with various strengths and flavours to accommodate anyone who strives to quit vaping. 

Also, there is no shortage of high-quality pouches, like the popular NIOO nicotine pouches, that global customers highly praise for their great taste and effectiveness.

If you still have no idea why you should quit vaping, keep reading this article, and in the following, we are addressing the reasons to choose nicopods as alternatives to vaping.

Why should you quit vaping?

Many vapers believe that vaping is less harmful than smoking, which explains why vape pens have been popular for a while. Although e-cigarettes are much more expensive, people are willing to invest in them for health improvement. 

However, you don’t have to pay for that, and if you prioritize your health, consider the following factors and then quit vaping as soon as possible.

1. Vaping is highly addictive

Like conventional cigarettes, e-cigarettes contain nicotine, but they are generally available in higher concentrations. According to the research, vaping with the equivalent of one package of cigarettes could provide twice the amount of nicotine. The longer you vape, the higher your addiction gets, which largely increases the health risks.

2. Vape pens contain harmful chemicals

WHO has published a report on e-cigarettes that said the electronic nicotine delivery system is not only addictive but also harmful to the human body. That means the vapes still contain harmful chemicals, even if it is proven less harmful than conventional cigarettes. 

Many vape manufacturers will add vitamin E acetate in the vaping cartridges, a molecule difficult to clean out for the lungs and able to cause inflammation and lung damage. Besides, when you vape, you also inhale oil and smoke generated from the heating devices, which exposes your lungs to potential risks. 

Besides, there are many common negative effects of vaping, including dry mouth, breathing difficulties, coughing, headaches, and sore throat.

3. Young people who vape may face larger risks in the future

According to the investigation, the young are easily vaping since it is not as obvious or disruptive as smoking. Also, the prevalence of vapes increased in some regions, such as America, largely benefiting from the marketing tricks. Young people easily get drawn into vaping because the manufacturers would promote that vaping is harmless and helpful for quitting cigarettes. However, they don’t realize that vaping will cause unknown damage to their lungs, and that health threat always exists as long as they have not quit vaping.

Consider using nicotine pouches as alternatives (No, it’s not a cheat)

Now that you have understood the necessity of quitting vaping, you’d better turn to nicotine pouches, an emerging smoke free nicotine replacement.

Nicotine pouches are small white bags, containing nicotine but not tobacco. As an oral nicotine product, nicopods can deliver nicotine after being placed between your gums and lips. Its great effectiveness and clean use method make it one of the most popular nicotine replacements worldwide.

Nowadays, a large number of pouch users are ex-vapers or ex-smokers, and some said that switching to nicopods is the best decision they’ve made – for their health, quality of life, and loved ones. What makes these small white bags so effective in quitting vaping or smoking? 

1. Tobacco free and smoke free: no harm to your mouth and lungs

Nicotine pouches provide a perfect solution to offer nicotine in a harmless way, ensuring you get away from e-cigarettes safely. Consuming the pouch doesn’t involve combustion, and thus doesn’t produce any smoke. Besides, nicopods contain no tobacco, preventing many oral damages aroused by tobacco.

2. Easy to regulate the amount of nicotine released in the mouth

It is convenient to choose proper nicotine strength according to your personal situation, enabling tight control over quitting. For instance, NIOO nicotine pouches offer two doses, ensuring newcomers a good start. If you are interested in the specific plans, you can read our blog – What Strength of Nicotine Pouch Should I Go For.

3. Quicker release than other replacements

One significant advantage of nicopods is that they deliver nicotine quicker than other alternatives. As mentioned above, nicotine pouches are supposed to be placed against the gums. That means the nicotine can be immediately absorbed via the bloodstream. 

If you chase for the fastest nicotine kick, don’t miss NIOO moist pouches. These moist pouches, different from dry pouches, don’t require saliva to activate the nicotine intake, and they can directly release nicotine and tasty flavors without waiting!

4. No vape tongue

Vapers are more or less troubled by “vape tongue”. This condition refers to the unpleasant sensation of getting a dry mouth that even impacts your ability to taste the e-liquid flavours.

Meanwhile, nicopods, especially the NIOO moist pouches, don’t dry your mouth out. By using NIOO nicotine pouches, you can enjoy various refreshingly sweet flavours without needing to constantly rehydrate yourself or take a break.

NIOO nicotine pouches’ flavours are richer than vapes, providing you with more options and adventures. It also offers customized services to satisfy different requirements. If this has inspired you to try nicopods, why not choose tobacco free NIOO pouches to enhance your nicotine experience?

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