Nioo Labs FAQ

1:What is a nicotine pouch?

A nicotine pouch is a small bag filled with nicotine and other ingredients. One thing that’s not found in our pouches: tobacco! No leaves, no dust—so you can enjoy without worrying about carcinogens. The bag is small enough to fit discreetly between your gum and your lip, and doesn’t require any spitting.

2:What is Tobacco-Free nicotine?

Tobacco-Free nicotine doesn’t contain any of the following: tobacco leaf, stem, reconstituted sheet, or post-production waste dust. Tobacco-Free nicotine is manufactured at an industrial scale at a facility that uses a patented process that begins with starter material and builds molecules of that material to create synthetic non-tobacco derived nicotine.

3:When do I use it?

Use it whenever you get a hankering for the tingly sensation of nicotine. When you get a craving, simply pop the sachet between your gum and lip for up to 30 minutes.

4:Why a Tobacco-Free nicotine pouch.

Why not? We all know that traditional tobacco products are full of harmful carcinogens and chemicals. oral pouches allow you to enjoy nicotine, without worrying about the unhealthy toxins in tobacco. Our sachets are full of flavor, tobacco-free, spit-free and vegan. And best of all, our pouches give you the hit of nicotine, with none of the guilt.

5:How do I pick a strength?

Ever heard of the old adage, “Start low, go slow?” That’s our philosophy behind choosing nicotine strength in pouches. Start with a lower and adjust depending on your experience.

6:How long does it last?

Oral pouches are long lasting, but release the majority of nicotine during the first 30 minutes of use. However, the sachets and ingredients aren’t harmful if you want to keep the pouch in your mouth for longer. Do not swallow it.

7:Who can use it?

Anyone over the age of 21.

8: What are tobacco-free refills?

Tobacco-free heating cartridges are intended for heating equipment. The heating device heats the materials in the heating rod to 350°C, creating steam. This method does not release harmful substances and products of combustion, such as tar, carbon monoxide and other hydrocarbons, which are produced during combustion in the case of conventional cigarettes. Tobacco-free refills are made from green tea, oolong tea, glycerin and various flavors.

9:What heating device do I need?

Although we have our own heater, its heater cartridges are the same as HEETS and have been developed for this type of heater, making them compatible with the IQOS system and any heater developed as an alternative.

10: Why is better than traditional cigarettes?

– does not contain tobacco and does not burn, so it is 95% less harmful

– you get the real smoking experience in a much healthier version

– fruit capsules with a natural aroma offer different flavors

– you don’t have to deal with withdrawal symptoms, they contain 4% nicotine

– your breath and clothes do not smell like smoke

  So no tobacco smoke, no smoky clothes!

The pleasant steam of heating elements (sticks) will not stick to your fingers and you will not smell classic cigarette smoke in your breath.

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