Nicotine Pouches

What are NIOO pouches

Nioo pouches are derived from natural plant fiber. With our latest processing technology, the fiber absorbs substantial flavors that could last up to 60 minutes. In addition, unlike many dry pouches on the market which require the user’s saliva to start nicotine/CBD intake, our moist pouches absorb quickly into the bloodstream and create an instant effect.

What Nioo nicotine pouches offer

Customized flavor experience

You may could only find a few flaovrs related to mint in the market, but in Nioo, you could choose different type of tasty fruity, ice, drink flavors or even some of your own customized flavors as you like.

Customized strength option

Unlike most of the pouches brand, only a limited nicotine strength option like 20mg/g, Nioo nicotine pouches could offer a wide range of nicotine strength option from 4mg/g to 60mg/g.

Customized packages

As we are aimed to provide an one stop supplying chain service to the customers, we could provide different type of package option, round cans with different colors, plastic bags, white lables or with customized designed labels are available.

Pouches VS Cigarettes

The health effects of switching from cigarettes to pouches are discussed ;

People who switched to pouches had lower rates of cancer and heart disease than those who continued to smoking;

Most who switched to pouches had rates of cancer and heart disease similar to those who quit smoking;

The results are consistent with a previous review that found no increased risk of cancer and heart disease after use.

The one who switched to pouches could enjoy more flavoring taste than those who continued smoking.

Use Nioo nicotine pouches easily!

Take Nioo

Enjoy Nioo

Finish Nioo

Enquire about your customized flavors

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