8 Common Myths around Tobacco Free Nicotine

tobacco free nicotine
tobacco free nicotine

As more tobacco free alternatives enter the market, smokers can embrace more options for quitting smoking. However, there are certain myths about these new tobacco free nicotine products.

A myth, in general, might be caused by a lack of understanding, or it comes from disinformation. Today, we will attempt to refute the most popular myths and provide answers to frequently asked questions concerning tobacco free nicotine products.

What is tobacco free nicotine?

To figure this question out, you need first to understand that nicotine doesn’t only exist in tobacco plants.

In fact, nicotine occurs naturally in many foods we eat, including potatoes, peppers, tomatoes, aubergine, and others, but the amount in these plants is relatively low, far from making you addicted.

Tobacco free nicotine is either derived from other plants instead of tobacco plant, or synthetic nicotine being made using chemicals in the lab.

How is tobacco free nicotine differ from tobacco-based nicotine?

The primary distinction between tobacco free nicotine and tobacco-based nicotine is the method of production. Tobacco free nicotine, as previously stated, is derived from other natural plants or synthesized in the lab. Unlike traditional tobacco-based nicotine, it is free of contaminants that can sometimes be produced during the extraction process from the tobacco plant. From a technical perspective, tobacco free nicotine is purer.

Another distinction between the two is that tobacco free nicotine lacks the added flavour and fragrance associated with tobacco. Manufacturers typically use extra flavourings to mask the taste of nicotine, which makes it tastier.

For example, NIOO tobacco free herbal heatsticks provide various flavors, including classic, light, menthol, mint, cinnamon, etc. You can pick the one you like from the wide flavor pools.

Are tobacco free nicotine products not addictive?

No. Nicotine is an addictive chemical. Tobacco free nicotine is exactly as addictive as any other kind of nicotine. Nicotine addiction is one of the many adverse effects of smoking, but it is treatable by reducing your nicotine consumption until you no longer experience cravings. Tobacco free nicotine can assist with this, and at NIOO, we strive to help smokers not only quit smoking, but also quit tobacco. We have designed and developed various tobacco free nicotine products to help you give up smoking.

Are all tobacco free nicotine alternatives the same?

No, tobacco free alternatives aren’t all the same. In fact, there are various types of tobacco free alternatives, which means that you have a lot of choices if you want to give up smoking or move to an alternative.

For people who desire many different customization and various flavors options, the HNB sticks and nicotine pouch categories offer a large number of products to explore. They can provide satisfaction similar to smoking in a healthier way.

Are HNB sticks tobacco free?

HNB sticks can be both tobacco-based and tobacco free. Most brands provide tobacco-based HEETS. Several brands creatively design and produce tobacco free HNB sticks.

For example, at NIOO, we offer tobacco free herbal heatsticks whose nicotine is mainly derived from tea leaves and other well-selected natural plants. Without burning, you don’t need to worry about the producing ashes, the lingering smell of tobacco, and the harmful smoke. By heating the herbal heatsticks, you can inhale the vapor and enjoy your nicotine journey.

Are nicotine pouches tobacco free?

Nicotine pouches (also known as modern oral nicotine products) usually come in white pouches that contain nicotine and other substances. Some people describe it as a tobacco free version of Swedish snus. It is a novel tobacco free nicotine product that is recently on the rise.

In terms of NIOO nicotine pouches, we derive nicotine from natural plant fiber and process it with industry-leading technology. Our NIOO tobacco free nicotine pouches are moist, and can release nicotine quickly without using your saliva to start.

Using NIOO tobacco free nicotine pouches is really convenient. You only need to place the tiny white bag between your upper lip and gum. No burning and smoking, you can still attend a meeting or stay on the train. You won’t disturb anyone as using nicotine pouches doesn’t generate second hand smoke or produce any smell.

Is tobacco free nicotine the same as smoke free nicotine?

No, they are not the same thing. The greatest risk of smoking-related diseases is caused by burning tobacco and inhaling the smoke, which contains several toxicants that cause or may cause harm to both smokers and nonsmokers. Smoke free nicotine was invented as a healthier way to enjoy nicotine. It doesn’t require the user to burn tobacco and inhale the smoke, which greatly reduces the harm.

Tobacco free was used to describe the way we obtain nicotine in labs. Smoke free was used to describe the way we consume nicotine. A nicotine product can be both tobacco free and smoke free, such as the NIOO smoke free tobacco free nicotine pouch.

Should I switch from traditional burnt tobacco products to tobacco free nicotine products?

The best way to reduce the health dangers linked with the use of tobacco-based nicotine products is to stop using them entirely. However, it’s difficult to give up smoking immediately for heavy smokers. Moving to tobacco free nicotine alternatives is a better option than smoking cigarettes and can help you quit smoking.

Despite quit-smoking initiatives, the World Health Organization predicts that more than a billion people will smoke by 2025. There is no alternative for quitting. But it is still possible for brands and manufacturers to explore and offer healthier options for smoking. And that’s what NIOO is doing.

At NIOO, we are doing our best to keep innovating, contributing to a tobacco free and smoke-free future. Currently, we have 3 global production centers and serve brands from over 10 regions by offering effective manufacturing solutions for the whole tobacco free nicotine product lifecycle. Choose NIOO and you’ll find we are a trustworthy partner.

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