Top 10 Myths about Heat Not Burn Products

Heat Not Burn

You may have already heard about the heat not burn products a thousand times as it is gaining popularity worldwide. But what exactly is this product? What’s in it? What is the difference among heat not burn products, cigarettes, and e-cigarettes? Read this blog and you’ll find the answers.

  • Heat not burn products may still use tobacco as the main ingredient. Aren’t they the same as cigarettes?

No. Compared to cigarettes, heat not burn tobacco products are usually different in the way how they make use of tobacco. They do not burn the real tobacco directly. Instead, they heat it to a precise temperature range, typically with an electronic heat-control system. Later, the user inhales a vapor of tobacco.

And we all know that we have to smoke a cigarette. When cigarettes are lit, tobacco burns at temperatures above 600°C, and when a smoker takes a puff, that temperature rises to almost 800°C. Burning tobacco will produce a lot of dangerous chemicals, smoke, ash, and tar.

The exciting news is that the industry has been developing heat not burn tobacco free products. Some manufacturers have given up tobacco and chosen other plants as the main resource of nicotine, providing more options for smokers. For example, our NIOO herbal heatsticks are heat not burn tobacco free products popular in the market.

  • Do heat not burn products contain nicotine?

Yes, they contain nicotine. HNB products can be divided into tobacco-based products and tobacco free products. HNB tobacco products are nicotine products that generate an emission containing nicotine and other chemicals for users to inhale by heating tobacco. HNB tobacco-free products may derive nicotine from other natural plants or synthesize it in the lab. But they still contain nicotine and can provide nicotine simulation.

  • Do heat not burn products carry a risk?

Yes. Burning tobacco should be blamed for the majority of smoking-related diseases. Heat not burn products avoid burning tobacco, but they still carry some risks as they contain nicotine, a famous addictive chemical. The best option is always to completely give up smoke and nicotine.

  • Do heat not burn products give off smoke?

No. I know you may feel it is surprising, but I am not lying. What may look like “smoke” emitting from a heat not burn product is indeed an aerosol. And the smoke is normally generated when you burn tobacco.

  • Do heat not burn products contain tar?

No. Tar is known as one of the most dangerous components of cigarette smoke. Researches show that it is generated in the process of burning tobacco cigarettes. Heat not burn products don’t contain tar and won’t produce tar.

  • Whats in heat not burn products?

Different manufacturers may have different designs. For example, NIOO herbal heatsticks contain NIOO granulates, filter tips and a food-level silicone cooler, wrapped with food-level paper.

HNB products are usually used with a heating device, which also known as the heater. We have designed our own heater, whose heater cartridges are identical to HEETS. In other words, they are compatible with the IQOS system and mainstream HNB products. Our HNB products can be also compatible with mainstream heaters.

  • Is heat not burn product the same as an e-cigarette?

No. They look similar sometimes. The main difference is that e-cigarettes generally do not include tobacco leaf, whereas heat not burn products may contain it. And e-cigarettes may not contain nicotine, while heat not burn products always offer nicotine simulation.

  • Where to buy heat not burn products?

Different laws and policies apply to different places. Young people are prohibited from trying nicotine products in most areas. We recommend people who are older than 21 years old try our products. Meanwhile, please make sure that HNB items are permitted for sale in your nation before you purchase.

You can find NIOO herbal heatsticks in 7-Eleven, LIDL, Family Mart, Circle K, as well as many convenience stores and grocery stores. Additionally, e-commerce sites may offer details about HNB items, and you can purchase many types of HNB sticks online.

  • 9. Is there any genuine technology behind NIOO heat not burn products?

Yes. NIOO herbal heatsticks is a great invention with several patents pending. Differing from most heat not burn products which come from tobacco, NIOO herbal heatsticks creatively uses tea leaves and other plants as the raw materials. With NIOO’s cutting-edge technologies, nicotine is derived from these natural plants in the form of stable particles.

At present, NIOO Labs have a group of seasoned engineers who have at least five-year industry experience on average. We have spent more than 3 million USD in constructing testing laboratories with industry-leading equipment and devices. Every product presented by NIOO has taken 40 testing procedures to ensure its superior quality.

  • How many flavors do NIOO heat not burn products offer?

NIOO herbal heatsticks can customize the flavor based on client requests. Currently, NIOO offers a series of flavors, aiming to bring every user with a fantastic journey of taste.

For instance, our menthol heatsticks’ super cool scent will revive your taste buds and let you experience the uplifting, lingering flavor. The yellow blast is designed for people who love the lemon flavor. It is the perfect way to freshen up and cool down while enjoying the combination of juicy lemon buzz and mild mint.

Does this blog solve your queries about heat not burn products? As always, if you still have any questions, don’t hesitate to contact us!

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