Are Nicotine Pouches Bad for Your Gums?

Nioo Nicotine Pouches

Using nicotine pouches may be a novel experience for new users: place a small pouch between their gums and upper lips to get nicotine through the mouth rather than the lungs like when vaping or smoking. It is well known that smoking will harm the lungs and nicotine pouch seems to be the healthier choice. However, after using these small pouches for a long time, some users may want to figure out if it will harm their gums.

If you have the same doubt, this article is for you. It describes in detail the way nicotine pouches work and explains why they go there, as well as how the nicotine pouches affect gums. Also, there are some tips for nicotine pouch consumers, especially for beginners.

Why place a nicotine pouch between the gums and upper lips?

All nicotine products deliver nicotine to the human body in a specific way, which is called ROA (the route of administration) in jargon terms. For combustible cigarettes and inhalable vape pens, the ROA refers to the lungs, and for snuff, the way changes into the nose. So why it would be the gums and upper lips with nicotine pouches?

According to research, gums have rich blood vessels, which makes them ideal for nicotine absorption. Besides, gums allow users to attain nicotine most discreetly, and the pouch covered by the upper lip needs no spit and smoke, which is hardly noticeable to others. Also, nicotine pouches of proper size would not cause a visible lump after being placed into the mouth, ensuring users to use them without limit.

Do nicotine pouches cause any bad impact on your gums?

As nicotine pouch has become more popular as an emerging cigarette alternative, many wonders if it would cause any health problems, especially oral issues.

Just like caffeine consumption, nicotine intake sometimes also brings people the effects like palpitation, shivers, and queasiness. But the reactions depend on personal physical differences and the nicotine pouches’ strength level. The fact is that nicotine pouches are tobacco-free and do supply nicotine in a healthier way.

Factually, different from other products that have existed for a long time in the market, nicotine pouches, as a relatively new product, have no long-term research and studies. It is unclear if it can cause gum diseases.

But still, gum disease is no stranger to most people, and it is verified that most gum diseases are highly related to bad oral hygiene. Therefore, the best way to protect your gums is to brush and floss your teeth regularly to keep a clean mouth.

Five tips to look after your gums when using nicotine pouches

To maintain oral health, you need to form good habits in daily life. But if you are a regular nicotine pouch user, you need to look after your gums with more attention. Here are five tips to protect your gums when using nicotine pouches.

  • Choose nicotine pouches derived from natural plant fiber

The raw materials of nicotine pouches may affect your gums. For example, NIOO nicotine pouches that are derived from natural plant fiber are harmless to the human body. NIOO Labs has carefully picked mild natural plants, ensuring no extra harmful substances are extracted during the manufacturing process. 

You can place the NIOO nicotine pouch between your gum and lip for up to 60 minutes and don’t need to worry about the possibility of causing gum diseases. By applying industry-leading technology, NIOO Labs has already adjusted and upgraded the substances contained in its products, making them safer and tastier than others. So if you want to try the nicotine pouches with guaranteed quality, pick NIOO with confidence.    

  • Switch sides every time

A handy trick that is often used for gum care is to change the gum side of your mouth where you put your pouches. Only using the same spot repeatedly will increase gum irritation. Switching sides every time can give your gums a much-needed rest. So if you use nicotine pouches frequently, don’t forget to change the side of your gums before applying a new pouch.

  • Find a proper size that works for you

nicotine pouches usually come in different sizes and strength levels. There are many types, some of which are more fitted to your gums than others. So, if you feel too strong or have any gum-related issues when using a nicotine pouch, change it to a smaller size and lighter strength to decrease unnecessary stimulation. 

For instance, if the pouch gets stuck on your mouth, experiment with slim or mini sizes, or try out different material types and moisture levels, until you find the one that stays comfortable enough.

Of the many kinds of nicotine pouches brands, NIOO owns among the most standard pouch size and reasonable strength design. So it is perfect for the new users to take the experiment! Besides, NIOO considerately provides customized service for clients and customers, you can even create your personal nicotine pouch! No need for more tries and enjoy rising highs! 

  • Try a less stimulating taste

Sometimes, flavors can also affect your gum. Lots of intense flavors like menthol and peppermint can irritate the gum more strongly than mild flavors. And it is not recommended that people with sensitive gums choose nicotine pouches with intense flavor to prevent gums from stimulation. NIOO nicotine pouches’ citrus and pineapple flavors taste sweet and light with tropical, stone-fruit notes. Ripe but refreshing on the palate.

  • Keep the pouch still

Generally, an unwanted movement happens when a nicotine pouch is placed in the wrong place, and that will lead to uncomfortable abrasion happening when you are talking. To avoid that, you need to push the pouch upwards further until it is firmly still on your gums.

These five tips can help you enjoy nicotine in a more skillful way. Also, if you are still searching for a reliable brand that is capable of offering top-quality nicotine pouches, trust NIOO and it will surprise you. Shortly, NIOO is going to build its exclusive brand by providing its worldwide customers with healthier nicotine pouches.

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