A Better Option for Tobacco Alternative: Nicotine Pouch VS. Vapes

Nioo Nicotine Pouches

Nowadays, smoking cigarettes are no longer seen as a “cool thing”. People’s attitude toward tobacco has a subtle shift, which is mainly because the combustible tobacco has caused many problems: big killer to health, severe environmental pollution, and “social etiquette” issues. 

Besides, tobacco control is officially advocated in many areas all over the world. According to the report published by WHO, “Despite the changes of the COVID-19 pandemic, over the past year, many countries have persisted in advancing tobacco control as a key health priority.”

Meanwhile, a batch of products hit the tobacco market and causes a new trend of using cigarette alternatives, which includes nicotine pouches, patches, lozenges, HNB products, e-cigarettes, and vapes. 

Among those emerging new products, nicotine pouches and vapes are two of the most popular alternatives.

However, smokers gradually realized that vaping is also limited by the smoke-free policy, which drives many to switch to nicotine pouches. It turns out that nicotine pouches are not only more free to use but also healthier for the features of no tobacco and no combustion.

What tobacco alternatives are popular among smokers?

Although emerging tobacco alternatives have high popularity in general, there are individual differences among different products. 

In surveys, vaping is one of the most popular alternatives to smoking. Its similar using methods with real cigarettes have attracted lots of smokers. During usage, vape pens will generate inhalable vapor by heating a little bit of flavoring, providing nicotine for vapers.

In addition to vape pens, nicotine pouches hold a place in the market as the best-selling smoke-free product. What makes nicotine pouches stand out among the various cigarette alternatives? Let’s take a leading global nicotine product supplier NIOO for example.

NIOO nicotine pouches are widely credited with their clean and convenient operation: a well-designed small pouch perfectly fitting for your mouth. After you easily place it between your gums and lips, the moist NIOO nicotine pouch, unlike many dry pouches on the market, can directly begin to deliver nicotine, which doesn’t require saliva and is quicker than the average. 

Vapes and nicotine pouches have greatly driven the consumption of tobacco alternatives. Especially in the past two years, their sales are sharply rising in some regions like Japan, America, Switzerland, England, and so on. 

Is vaping harmful to your health?

According to the WHO report on the global tobacco epidemic, electronic nicotine delivery systems (ENDS) are addictive and not without harm. Vapes, as one member of those devices, no surprise, could still damage your body, even if it is proved less harmful than conventional cigarettes.

Many negative effects are common for vapers, which include breathing difficulties, dry mouth, sore throat, coughing, and headaches.

Not only that, most vaping devices activate their heating devices to heat the liquids and the other ingredients added to liquids during the vaporizing process, which makes your lungs exposed to a wide variety of potentially dangerous chemicals.

If you are a vaper, don’t neglect the potentially harmful elements that are caused by the vaping process. And here is a recommendation: change vape pens into nicotine pouches to prevent your body from all the above negative effects.

How does the nicotine pouch compare to the vapes?

Nicotine pouches are snus-like in appearance but different in essence. It belongs to tobacco-free products and can help you to stay away from tobacco as a complete cigarette replacement just like vapes.

However, different from vapes, there is no vapor involved in the nicotine pouch, which lowers risks to your lungs. Moreover, the raw materials contained in nicotine pouches are verified that listed all ingredients for users. For example, NIOO Labs extracts nicotine from natural plants, which means it hasn’t any unknown harmful substances. Therefore, customers can rest assured to use NIOO nicotine pouches.

Another factor to consider is that the bad impacts on others are mitigated through different nicotine-delivering methods. Vapers need to inhale the vapor for nicotine intake and then exhale smoke, which will affect people around them.

Nicotine pouches, with features of no combustion, belong to oral product, safer and more convenient for users. Most of the time, people can’t tell if you are using these small nicotine pouches, which allow you to enjoy the moment without inhibitions.

What are the rules about using vapes and nicotine pouches? 

As the smoke-free policy is gradually tightening in many global areas, vaping is braced for even greater restrictions because of the blanket ban.

Although vaping indoors has not yet been illegalized, many venues including pubs, cafes, and clubs prohibit both smoking and vaping. If you are caught vaping in those places, you are probably asked to leave. Also, vaping is banned on public transport like an airplane, trains, and buses.

Other the other hand, nicotine pouches are not limited or restricted for their discreet consumption. As they don’t produce any vapor or smoke, these tiny pouches would not be affected by the smoke-free policy. Plus, they are easy to carry and store, with no recharging and refill needed.

NIOO nicotine pouches can be freely taken and used anytime and anywhere. At a meeting, people who use vapor pens may interrupt the conversation, which is impolite and inopportune, but if you place an NIOO nicotine pouch into your mouth, you can secretly enjoy nicotine stimulation lasting for 60 minutes.

In a word, a nicotine pouch is ideal in places that don’t allow smoking or vaping and also a decent choice when you are eager for nicotine on some specific occasions.

Nowadays, nicotine pouches are gaining increasing favor as consumers seek a proper alternative to real cigarette and vape pen. Granted, as a kind of new tobacco-free product in the tobacco industry, nicotine pouch will be more popular with the development of the global anti-smoking campaign.

There is a new competition for capturing markets between nicotine pouches suppliers. Thanks to the advanced NIOO Labs, NIOO is getting a leg up on the competition. With ambitious goals, NIOO is planning to create a “NIOO trend” by continuously providing its top-quality products and cooperating with worldwide clients.

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