Zero Tar Nicotine Products: the Safer Choice for Smokers

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Everybody knows that smoking real cigarettes is harmful to the human body. According to WHO, roughly 85% of lung cancer are caused by smoking. What is the prime culprit for lung cancer? It is tar, one kind of harmful substance caused by tobacco combustion.

When smoking, smokers will absorb about 70% of the tar from cigarettes in their lungs, which is an alarming number. To lower the risk of lung cancer, many smokers would look for low-tar cigarettes when they long for nicotine stimulation. However, that still can’t avoid lung damage.

Fortunately, a batch of zero tar products provides the perfect solution. The newly emerging zero tar products can offer smokers the same or even more nicotine enjoyment, not need burning, which effectively protects the lungs from the damage caused by tar.

Therefore, zero tar products are becoming popular in the market as healthier cigarette alternatives. Among those various new products, HNB (heated not burning) products, nicotine pouches, and nicotine lozenges are the top three hot-selling zero tar products.

If you don’t exactly know why tar is damaging, keep reading this article, which not only gives you the answer but also introduces three different zero tar nicotine products, so that you can pick your preference.

Tar, the first killer causing lung damage

Some people mistakenly take nicotine as the first killer causing lung cancer. Actually, it is tar, a black, sticky chemical substance that damages the lungs. How does the tar ruin your lungs step by step?

When smoking, tar can form a tacky yellow or brown residue on the surfaces of the lungs, which will damage the cilia (the structures can help to keep airways clean), leading to a free flow of toxins into the lungs and causing illnesses like emphysema, lung cancer, and other lung diseases.

As the item burns, the level of tar will increase. As a result, a cigarette’s last puff can contain up to twice as much nicotine as its first. Some tobacco companies deliberately promote low-tar cigarettes in an effort to mislead consumers about the risks of smoking. However, a smoker using low-tar bands still can take in about the same level of tar as conventional cigarettes.

In a word, compared with regular cigarettes, there are no obvious positive health benefits of low-tar cigarettes. So in addition to quitting smoking, the best way to decrease the build-up of tar in the lungs is to find a safer and cleaner alternative.

Zero tar nicotine products: a new solution to health smoking

Wanna soothe your craving for nicotine while preventing your lungs from any damage? Try zero tar nicotine products and stay away from the harmful carcinogen tar! As there are various zero tar cigarette alternatives in the market, it is hard for you to find your favorite type without a general understanding. Here are three different zero tar products that are highly praised by customers so that you can pick your preference.

  1. Tobacco-free HNB sticks

Tobacco-free heatstick is a newly launched product, and its refills don’t contain tobacco, which is opposed to the HNB cigarette. Both of them belong to HNB(heat-not-burn) products.

What are the HNB products? Generally, HNB products consist of a heating cartridge and heat stick, a rod that looks like a real cigarette. When it gets working, the heating device can heat the material filled in a heatstick to 350°C, creating steam with no combustion.

Although the new method is proven to be less harmful than smoking because of no combustion. Research finds that tar still exists when using HNB cigarettes. Tobacco-free HNB sticks, on the contrary, do not release harmful substances like tar, ensuring no damage to your lungs. So you can choose tobacco-free and tar-free HNB sticks with confidence!

If you are confused by various brands when purchasing it, you can trust NIOO, a reliable nicotine OEM product supplier.

NIOO provides its clients with herbal heatsticks, which is an upgraded version of common tobacco-free HNB sticks. Being made with natural plants, NIOO herbal heatsticks generate water vapor containing pure nicotine and tasty flavoring, providing users with a healthy and pleasant smoking experience. In a word, NIOO herbal heatsticks are definitely worth a try.

Nicotine pouches also belong to new zero tar nicotine products. As an emerging tobacco-free oral product, it is widely used by many smokers to quit tobacco.

If you are looking for a cigarette alternative that doesn’t require smoke, try to switch nicotine pouch. Its convenient using method allows you to enjoy nicotine more freely: just put this little pouch between your gum and lip when desiring nicotine, no need of spitting. Experiencing a nicotine pouch can open the door to a healthier and simpler lifestyle. You can have it now!

Here we’d like to introduce you to NIOO nicotine pouches, a famous leading brand in the tobacco industry. Adopting advanced technology, NIOO has developed a kind of nicotine pouch that perfectly combines high-quality nicotine with substantial flavors.

Besides, NIOO nicotine pouches have different flavors to satisfy its numerous customers from all over the world, and it also provides customized services for people who have special demands. No matter whether you are a new beginner or a long-term nicotine user, choosing NIOO nicotine pouches will never be wrong!

In addition to the above two zero tar products, there is another one that is worthy of purchasing, which is a nicotine lozenge. With features of a candy-like appearance and novel flavors, nicotine lozenges can easily attract lots of customers and smokers. And it is also widely used by professionals to help smokers quit tobacco by continuously and stably providing a certain amount of nicotine.

Since nicotine lozenge is listed as a nicotine replacement therapy(NRT), it has become one of the safest nicotine products on the market. Up to now, there are a rising number of smokers who intend to use nicotine lozenges to guard their health.

Surprisingly, NIOO plays to its strengths of flavor development in producing nicotine lozenges. More than 15 original flavors of NIOO lozenges are waiting for you to evaluate. Classic fruit flavors, cooling mint flavors, unique original flavors…

If you want to get more information about the NIOO zero tar product, you can search for it on on NIOO Labs. Believe that you wouldn’t want to miss this chance of entering a smokeless new world.

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