Going Tobacco Free: What Healthy Smoking Options Are Available?

Nicotine pouches

It is already a well-recognized fact that smoking has negative health impacts. The whole industry has been finding effective substitutes for combustible tobacco products in the last decade. Their efforts paid off.

For people who want to quit tobacco, there are various tobacco free options available currently, including e-cigarettes, heat-not-burn sticks, nicotine pouches and vape pens, etc. Some new products make it a reality that you don’t need to go outside to enjoy nicotine; instead, you can do so whenever and wherever you like.

However, do these tobacco free options really provide a healthier way to enjoy nicotine? This blog is going to introduce the popular tobacco free products in the market and if they are still toxic or harmful to your body.

Tobacco free alternatives available in the market

Manufacturers, in general, use the terms “tobacco free” and “tobacco-leaf free” nicotine to refer to products that contain nicotine that was developed and manufactured in a lab, which is also known as synthetic nicotine, or nicotine extracted from tobacco leaves but do not contain any tobacco leaf.

At present, the market is filled with various tobacco free products. Mainstream tobacco free products include e-cigarettes, nicotine pouches and vape pens.

1. E-cigarettes

Electronic cigarettes, or e-cigarettes, are gadgets that resemble conventional cigarettes in appearance. They often come in a single piece. After it runs out, you can throw it. E-cigarettes generate an aerosol through heating a liquid containing nicotine. This aerosol is inhaled by users into their lungs. People normally call it vaping when enjoying an e-cigarette. Bystanders will also breathe in the aerosol.

2.Nicotine pouches

Nicotine pouches are small white pouches, containing nicotine derived or synthetic. Simply place a nicotine pouch beneath your upper lip, you can then enjoy the nicotine release which can last ranging from 5 to 60 minutes. NIOO Labs is a global supplier of next-gen tobacco free nicotine pouches, which can offer a maximum nicotine simulation of 60-min.

3.Vape pens

Usually, vape pens include a rechargeable battery plus a refillable e-liquid tank. A little amount of liquid flavoring is heated in vape pens before turning into vapour and being inhaled by the user. And you can re-use the device, re-fill the e-liquid, and mix or match different parts.

Which tobacco free product is healthier and better?

Vape pens, and e-cigarettes share the same working principles although they are two different products. They all provide an aerosol by heating nicotine-contained liquid. E-cigarettes are much less dangerous to health than tobacco, according to a Public Health England (PHE) expert independent research, and they may even be able to aid smokers in quitting.

However, the vaping process still has potential harm. On the one hand, it exposes your lungs to a broad variety of potentially harmful and dangerous chemicals. On the other hand, some vapers are reported to have a sore throat, dry mouth, coughing, and headaches, which may potentially be related to vaping.

The industry is still arguing about the long effect of e-cigarettes and vape pens. They are recent inventions, compared to traditional cigarettes which were already thoroughly researched.

Another arguing point is that both vape pens and e-cigarettes can be inhaled by innocent bystanders. Some smokers worry if it will affect their family members or friends. Vaping in public is forbidden in some areas.

Nicotine pouches provide a smoke-free option and are rich in flavors. You can avoid both the smell of smoke and the inconvenience of second-hand aerosol.

Besides, this product is taken orally. It doesn’t contain the same pollutants as conventional tobacco cigarettes will produce during heating and burning. In other words, using nicotine pouch is a healthier and better way to consume nicotine.

NIOO Labs wants to highlight that women who are pregnant or nursing and people who have a history of cardiovascular illness should step away from nicotine pouches.

NIOO nicotine pouch: your ideal tobacco free choice

Tobacco free and smoke free, NIOO nicotine pouch provides a superior nicotine simulation. Our products are carefully derived from selected natural plant fiber. The fiber will absorb substantial flavors using our latest industry-leading processing technique, which may last up to 60 minutes.
Additionally, our moist nicotine pouches swiftly enter the bloodstream and produce an immediate effect, which differs from other dry pouches that require the user’s saliva to begin the release.

We have a team of seasoned engineers who have been working in the e-cigarette industry for over a decade and have a deep understanding of what users want in terms of flavors. We know that users from different regions have different appetites, and we customize flavors for each region. As a result, our products are popular in over 20 countries worldwide.

Get one NIOO nicotine pouch, you can enjoy a fabulous nicotine simulation at any time and anywhere. The usage of vapor pens during meetings might cause interruptions, which is rude and inconvenient. However, if you put an NIOO nicotine pouch quickly into your mouth, you can experience nicotine stimulation for the next hour without bothering anyone.

If you want to learn more about the nicotine pouch, you can read Nicotine Pouch 101: Open Your Door to Health Smoking which provides a detailed introduction to this tobacco free nicotine product and can definitely answer your doubts.

There are countless advantages of giving up tobacco and smoking for your health. With the help of NIOO nicotine pouch, you will find it easy to quit smoking!

Dedicated to constructing a smoke-free world, NIOO Labs will continue to research and develop new generations of tobacco free nicotine products, offering cost-effective items that everyone can enjoy!

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