Are Nicotine Pouches an Effective Way to Quit Smoking?

Nicotine Pouches

Recently, a novel smokeless nicotine product has become a hot topic in the tobacco industry, which has attracted many smokers who once tried to quit smoking. It is said that the new product, different from other cigarette alternatives promoted in the past, can double your chances of staying off cigarettes. 

This effective new product is the nicotine pouch, an oral tobacco-free nicotine product that can be put between upper lips and gums. According to the test, it can continuously release nicotine to your body, and then timely soothe your craving for nicotine in case of withdrawal symptoms. Nicotine pouches can be regarded as a quick aid for smokers who plan to quit smoking.

However, some smokers doubt that a small ordinary pouch is really as effective as people claim. After all, they know better than anyone else how it is difficult to ditch cigarettes. 

No more guessing! NIOO – a professional nicotine pouch producer – will reveal the truth about the effectiveness of this white pouch. Besides, this article also gives some practical tips on how to stop smoking with NIOO nicotine pouches.

How do nicotine pouches work?

Small and delicate, the white pouch will begin to release nicotine when it is placed between your gums and lips. Generally, it will take 3-5 minutes to feel the tingling sensations for dry pouches and less time for moist pouches. 

As an example, NIOO moist nicotine pouches don’t require saliva to activate the release of contents. So it can immediately work as it rest against your gums, continuously delivering nicotine through your bloodstream. Not long after a few minutes, you can naturally gain satisfaction from the nicotine intake. 

Also, to care for the customers who want stronger stimulation, NIOO launches pouches with higher levels of strength. And don’t worry, increasing the strength won’t affect its original flavor. In fact, all the nicotine strength of NIOO pouches are strictly controlled by NIOO Labs to reach the ideal nicotine-releasing effect meanwhile keeping its best tasty flavor.

Nicotine pouches compared to other nicotine products on the effect of quit smoking 

Since increasing numbers of smokers have realized the health risk of consuming real cigarettes, various cigarette alternatives have successively been put into the market in recent years. However, it seems like none of them has achieved significant success or got high popularity among smokers. 

Nicotine pouches have changed that situation. According to the investigation, in several regions where nicotine pouches are highly used, the rate of quitting smoking is higher than in the regions with lower consumption of nicotine pouches. Meanwhile, more smokers around the world would like to choose nicotine pouches as their cigarette alternative for their great effect.

What makes nicotine pouches superior to other nicotine products? Let’s take a closer look.

  1. Nicotine pouches VS. Chewing tobacco products

As an oral product, nicopods contain no tobacco, which is the opposite to chewing tobacco products like snus. Tobacco free nicotine pouches can help smokers stay away from tobacco, which is one significant step to quitting.

In addition to the raw materials, the flavors of nicotine pouches also make it more easily for long-term use against cigarettes. NIOO nicotine pouches have rich flavors that can meet various demands from worldwide customers. And that provides smokers with more choices to taste novel flavors during smoking cessation.

  • Nicotine pouches VS. Vape pens

Vapes pens were once popular for a short time. They also have quite a rich flavor for smokers to taste. However, some vape pens will cause a dry and sour throat after long-term use. Finally, a large number of smokers would choose to go back to using cigarettes, leading to a failure to quit smoking.

Nicotine pouches are absolutely safe for people to use. NIOO pouches are derived from natural plant fiber, ensuing healthier nicotine enjoyment. Up to now, NIOO has won lots of long-time clients across the world by virtue of its top-quality products.

How to stop smoking with NIOO nicotine pouches?

Quitting smoking doesn’t have to be hard with the help of NIOO nicotine pouches. Ready to give it a try with NIOO? Here are some steps you can follow:

1. Make a quitting plan. To motivate yourself to smoke cessation, you need to list all the reasons why you want to quit smoking. It can be health issues or other worries.

2. Choose a day you decide to abandon cigarettes. And make sure you have prepared NIOO nicotine pouches before that day so that you can use them when you are longing for nicotine. Besides, just as the old saying goes: A good start is half of the success. Remember that the first several weeks’ plan is important.

3. Determine the using frequency and strength level of the pouches. You can count how many cigarettes you smoked per day on coverage. 

If you need to smoke more than ten cigarettes on average per day in the past week, choose the higher strength level of nicotine pouches. If it is less than ten cigarettes, select the lower strength level.

Plus, if you feel the lower one is not enough to avoid the withdrawal symptoms, change it into a pouch with a stronger effect. And you can gradually decrease the strength levels as well as the frequency of use.

4. Allocate NIOO nicotine pouches you need to consume per day and spread them throughout the day. Notice the time that you usually smoke and try to use the pouch in advance to ensure nicotine intake. 

5. Tips: If you feel awkward without holding something in your mouth or hand, you can suck a lollipop while using NIOO pouches! But you will likely get over that habit because it is only about the behavior and not linked to your nicotine consumption. 

NIOO hopes that this article can be helpful in your smoking cessation. With the goal of creating a smokeless and tobacco free world, NIOO is dedicated to innovating more products to help people quit tobacco, while improving its products’ quality to provide its customers with the best nicotine pouches.

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