Nicotine Pouch 101: Open Your Door to Health Smoking

Nioo Nicotine Pouch

The tobacco industry has undergone a quiet revolution over the past five years. Cigarette, as the most typical traditional tobacco product, is gradually replaced by some emerging smoke-free products. Which of them will lead to a new trend among nicotine addicts? Undoubtedly, it is the nicotine pouch that would get the most votes. 

If you have never tried nicotine pouches before and doubt that, just keep reading, and this article explains everything about nicotine pouches.

What is a nicotine pouch?

Firstly, let’s define this small magic pouch.

Nicotine pouches are orally-used products that contain nicotine, cellulose, sweetener, and other ingredients to give you a hit of nicotine in a smoke-free, tobacco-free, and mess-free way. 

When you want to enjoy nicotine, just directly place this small white pouch between your gum and top lip, discreet and easy to use compared to tobacco cigarettes. Also, it will release nicotine for up to about one hour, ensuring you a tingling, warm sensation. Nicotine pouch product is an ideal smoking alternative to smooth your carving for nicotine. 

How are nicotine pouches different from snus?

If you intend to purchase nicotine pouches, don’t be confused with the snus. Snus appears similar to nicotine pouches at the first glance: both of them are oral products designed as white small pouches.

To better describe the features of nicotine pouches, it is necessary to list some fundamental differences between nicotine pouches and snus.

Different from the nicotine pouch, snus doesn’t belong to the newly innovated product in the tobacco industry. Its history can be traced back to the 18th century. 

Surly, the manufacturing process of snus is not as complicated as nicotine pouches, which can be mainly reflected in the different substances contained in the pouches: snus adopts the original tobacco as its raw material, while nicotine pouches only extract nicotine from plants by using advanced technology. Therefore, the simplest way to distinguish between nicotine pouch and snus is to check their ingredient list and then you can easily recognize the tobacco-free product.

Besides, the snus’ pouch is generally bigger than the nicotine pouch. The latter is designed with proper package size, making it perfectly fitted to your mouth, and its size will have a slight difference as it comes in various strengths of nicotine levels.

What are some of the benefits of nicotine pouches?

Using Nicotine pouches can get instant nicotine satisfaction. However, there are other benefits nicotine pouches bring to users.

1、Nicotine pouch can be used practically anywhere.

As the anti-smoking campaign gets more support in some regions, the smoking restriction become tighter. Some public places like restaurants even have banned smoking. What can you do when you are longing for nicotine on that occasion? That is where nicotine pouches come in handy. Quickly place this small bag into your mouth for taking a few seconds and let it smoothly release nicotine in the next hour. During this time, you can continue to do your things without interruption. 

2、Nicotine pouch tastes better than tobacco.

Many have been used to the taste of traditional tobacco and cigarettes. However, seldom would say the tobacco tastes good.

The same things also happen in vapes. As the producers have to change their recipes according to FSA regulation, your favorite flavor may be changed, more or less.

For those who are tired of uncertain flavors, changing into nicotine pouches can be a good way. This tobacco-free product provides perfect flavoring that will not be affected by other ingredients, enabling a consistent and mouth-watering taste. 

3、Nicotine pouch doesn’t stain your teeth.

No matter how careful maintenance you’ve taken for good dental hygiene, tobacco will gradually stain your teeth day by day, finally causing dull teeth that have no way to repair. On the contrary, a nicotine pouch causes no bad effect on your teeth. All the substances are confined into a white pouch, preventing direct contact with your teeth and lowering the risk of coloring teeth.

How are NIOO nicotine pouches made?

It will never be wrong to pick NIOO as your first taste of nicotine pouches. 

For starters, the pure nicotine contained in NIOO pouch is extracted from natural plant fibers, ensuring no harmful substances. Being carefully selected, NIOO nicotine features of high-quality cellulose fibers and attractive aromas, providing the users with the best flavor experience. No matter what flavors you want to taste, NIOO can always create a satisfying delicacy according to your needs.

Although NIOO nicotine pouches’ manufacturing process is fully automated, NIOO has taken strict quality control and testing at every stage of the process. NIOO is exacting and meticulous in each nicotine pouch no matter the strength or flavor.

NIOO nicotine pouches are made in line with Sweden’s highest standards and are qualified as tobacco-free, nicotine-containing oral products.

What advantages does NIOO have as a nicotine pouches supplier?

NIOO pouches have become one of the most popular tobacco-free products and arouse new rend in the industry. How does NIOO gain such big success in just a few years? Let’s take a deep exploration of the real NIOO.

1、Advanced technologies

Obviously, innumerable nicotine pouches are manufactured with the technical support of NIOO Labs.

NIOO Labs has 18 engineers with an average of 5 years of industry experience, and a strong team empowering the research and development of the latest nicotine products.

Up to now, NIOO Labs has innovated many new products that have been widely praised by the customer all over the world. Also, they have obtained over 300 patents, which is a great achievement in the industry, attracting a large number of customers who want to work with them.

2、Perfect management system

NIOO has three main manufacturing factories of more than 30,000 sq. meters in Europe and Asia. To ensure both the high-quality nicotine pouch and the fastest production, NIOO has set a proper management system to meet the ever-changing market needs and reduce product turnaround time. Plus, as a reliable and regular OEM manufacturer, NIOO has certifications including ISO, GMP, and HACCP, which guarantee top-quality products.

If you are looking for a tasty nicotine-contained product to help you stay away from tobacco, a nicotine pouch is really what you want. Try it for once and you will feel grateful for your choice.

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