What Happens When You Go Smoke Free?

Nicotine Pouches
Nicotine Pouches

Evidence is stacking up that going smoke free is no easy task, but it should be considered as many less harmful cigarette substitutions are available.

With NIOO nicotine pouches, you can freely enjoy nicotine kicks and never miss any important moment. Our oral pouches provide high-quality nicotine without tobacco, effectively helping you to quit smoking or vaping.

Anytime you desire nicotine stimulation, you can discreetly place the NIOO nicotine pouch between your upper lips and gums. No annoying smoke or extra combustion. That’s more readily acceptable by the people around you.

In addition to the convenience, another critical factor in going smoke free and tobacco free is your health. Smokeless NIOO pouch gives your body complete protection, and its tobacco free fillers cause no harmful effects. 

Therefore, going smoke free can benefit you in many aspects from the moment you decide to kick the habit. Also, don’t forget to take advantage of our NIOO pouches to help you start your smoke free journey.

To help you better understand what exactly happens to your body, we’ve made a timeline of different stages of stopping smoking.

  • One hour without cigarettes

The effect of quitting smoking is immediate. One hour later, your heart rate will return to normal as your blood pressure dropping, which enables the body to keep a more healthy and regular circulatory rhythm.

  • Half a day smoke free

In just 12 hours, the body starts to eliminate the high concentrations of carbon monoxide, which makes your breathing less laboured. At the same time, you can obviously feel your lungs absorbing more oxygen.

In addition to the benefits of quitting smoking, you may have some temporary and minor nicotine withdrawal symptoms. According to professionals, acute symptoms can be divided into psychological and physical. 

The former showed in the forms of mood swings, nicotine cravings, trouble concentrating, anxiety, and irritability. And the latter include sweating, headaches, insomnia, abdominal cramping, and increased appetite.

Generally speaking, withdrawal symptoms are the biggest barriers to quitting smoking. And the symptoms gradually increase during the next three to four weeks.

Actually, you don’t have to suffer from that if you use NIOO pouches, which can immediately release a certain amount of nicotine, lasting up to one hour to care for your demands! 

Therefore, in order to have a smooth quitting process, you can prepare NIOO nicotine pouches to soothe your nicotine desire, effectively avoiding all the uncomfortable sensations.

  • Smoke free for 24 hours

After quitting for one day, the heart attack risk falls, attributed to the lowering blood pressure, as well as the rising blood oxygen levels. That is also helpful in reducing the formation of blood clots and the negative influence on cholesterol levels. 

  • Two days after you stop smoking

Your senses begin to improve in as little as two days after you quit smoking. Cigarette smoking and vaping can blunt your sense and damage your taste buds! 

Two days without smoking, recover the damaged nerve endings in your taste buds, so you may begin to notice richer flavours you can taste than in the past. Congratulation! You can enjoy the food much more!

  • Three days without smoking

nicotine is out of your body after three day’s smoking cessation. But be careful: you will probably face nicotine withdrawal by day three. Because when nicotine leaves the body, the withdrawals will reach their peak. Most people seldom can go through the severe symptoms, and that’s where our NIOO nicotine pouches can help.

  • 1-month smoke free

One month later, your lungs become healthier. As we all know, smokers often have nagging coughs or shortness of breath, which will greatly improve due to the return of cardiovascular endurance. Your physical activity can be more manageable.

Within just one month, you’ll begin to understand how important to smoke free.

  • After nine months

Quitting smoking for nine months is s significant breakthrough! Your lungs are able to fight infection again. By this point, the microscopic hair-like structures within the lungs will begin to repair, helping push out mucus to fend off infections. That can largely reduce the risk of getting flu and pneumonia. Start your healthier life!

  • 1-year smoke free

Once you have insisted on quitting smoking for a year, your blood vessels go back to their normal size, and the heartbeat returns to a safe beating pace, thus decreasing the cardiovascular risk by 50%. And it will continue to drop as time goes by.

  • Five years after you quit smoking

At this stage, better heart health grants you another benefit: stroke risk reduction. Your body will have the capability of curing itself as the blood vessels and arteries become wider again.

  • A decade for quitting smoking

Firstly, quitting for a decade is an initial success, which is really something to celebrate. At that period, compared to someone who continues to smoke, your chances of developing lung cancer, pancreatic cancer, or throat cancer have significantly decreased.

  • 20 years smoke free

The harmful effects of cigarettes totally disappear like you never smoked. And you can enjoy your new life with a healthier lifestyle!

Now that you know the benefits of quitting cigarettes, take action and make a plan! We believe that after 20 years, you will never regret making this decision.

But it would be best if you also realized the challenges of quitting, especially the nicotine drawback symptoms. Our NIOO nicotine pouches are designed to care for the cravings for nicotine, containing no tobacco and causing no damage to your body. Many customers have received strong support by using NIOO nicotine pouches.

If you also want to go smoke free smoothly and ditch cigarettes, try NIOO nicopods! To learn more about NIOO and its backstory, read our blog

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