Nicotine Pouches VS. Nicotine Gum: Which is a Better Choice?

nicotine pouches

Nowadays, many smokers are trying novel cigarette alternatives to quit smoking cold turkey. Among various replacements for tobacco cigarettes, nicotine pouches and gum are highly sought after because of their great effectiveness. 

For many, there are some parallels between those two nicotine products. For instance, both are tobacco free and less harmful to the human body. Besides, by virtue of the variety of flavors and strengths, nicotine pouches and gum provide more options compared to other tobacco alternatives like snus.

However, there are also a lot of differences between nicopods and nicotine gum, which can be taken into account for those who quit smoking to make a better choice.

This article further explores the similarities and differences between these two nicotine replacement products, so that you can make decisions more easily when choosing your next solution.

What are nicotine pouches?

First of all, let’s begin with a basic introduction to nicopods, a newly-launched product with high popularity in the market.

Nicotine pouches are tiny packets filled with nicotine-contained fillers made up of plant fibres, as well as flavourings and other ingredients. You can place it between your gums and upper lips and then enjoy the nicotine stimulation without worrying about carcinogens. It usually comes with different strengths and flavors, which provides more options for users to pick according to their preferences.

What is nicotine gum?

Like the nicopods, nicotine gum is a handy aid to help smokers quit smoking as a replacement for tobacco cigarettes. It looks and tastes like normal chewing gum, but contains nicotine. Users can get nicotine by chewing the gum for 10-15 minutes.

Nicotine gum is available at retail outlets everywhere and doesn’t require a prescription since it is designed to assist tobacco users in breaking their addiction. 

Similarities between these two products

As you can tell, there are some similarities between nicotine pouches and gum. For instance, you can use both of them to help reduce your dependency on cigarettes, vapes, or other nicotine products. Here we list more similarities for you to learn more about these two popular alternatives.

1. Tobacco free

Both options are tobacco free products, which means they won’t have a strong tobacco taste and lingering odour. Besides, they don’t stain the teeth or lead to a foul mouth. All the issues caused by tobacco will be eliminated when you switch the tobacco-contained products to the nicotine-only alternative like pouches or gum.

2. Less harmful

Vaping and smoking involve inhaling harmful substances, which is the main reason some smokers decide to quit. You don’t need to light nicotine pouches and gum (and cope with smoke) when using, so they are absolutely safe for your lung health.

3. Various flavors and strength levels

Both pouches and gum are available in various flavors and strengths, so if you need, you could mix them up according to your needs during the day. Our NIOO nicotine pouches offer 9mg and 14mg strengths, and you can directly choose one based on how many tobacco cigarettes you are used to smoking daily. Also, our blog posted the article “what strength of nicotine pouches should I go for” to help you select the right strength meanwhile avoiding the overuse of nicotine products.

How are nicotine pouches and nicotine gum different?

It is not all similarities here! They are some ways in which these two cigarette alternatives differ from each other.

1. Duration

How long does each tobacco free product last? Nicotine gum lasts for about 10 minutes before it loses flavour. And once the flavour is gone, the moment of enjoying nicotine ends. On the other hand, nicotine pouches can last for 30-40 minutes, three times longer than gum. And some high-quality pouches, like NIOO nicotine pouches, can even last up to nearly one hour, allowing you great enjoyment of nicotine.

2. Discretion 

When using nicotine gum, you need to chew it to get the gum to work, which is more obvious than consuming the pouches. And in some specific situations, chewing gum isn’t practical or allowed. If you don’t want to be impolite in front of coworkers, you can stick to the nicotine pouch to meet your needs. These small pouches require no obvious activity or motion. You can tuck a pouch under your lips in just a few seconds and continue your business as if nothing happens.

3. Disposal

Disposing of nicotine pouches and gum differs, too. When you finish using the pouch, you can direct throw it into any trash can or put it into the catch lid of the tin for later disposal. But gum is tricky to toss. It may become sticky, clinging to the trashcan, and get gooey and hot if left inside the tissue in your car. Besides, nicotine pouches are easier to break down than gum, which makes it an environmentally friendly option.

4. Strength

Although both are oral nicotine products, nicotine pouches tend to be stronger than nicotine gums. The pouch can provide quick and intense nicotine delivery, instantaneously offering users nicotine enjoyment. Furthermore, pouches are often stronger in nicotine strength than gums, allowing you to have more choices with various strength levels.

Now that you realize the differences and similarities between nicotine pouches and gum, you can figure out which one is a better choice for you. For those chasing the most long-lasting, convenient, and versatile choice, however, it is obvious to find out the nicotine pouch is the best choice.

Also, if you are dazzled by various nicotine pouches with uneven quality in the market, you can choose the NIOO nicotine pouch, a top-quality pouch rich in strengths and flavors. NIOO is renewed and highly praised for its excellent flavors and world-class services. Just start a new journey toward the ultimate nicotine enjoyment with us!

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