Is It Safe to Swallow Nicotine Pouch Spit?

Nicotine Pouch

Scientists have explored a new way to allow people to enjoy nicotine without any harmful effects of smoking cigarettes. That is oral nicotine products. Among various smokeless nicotine products, NIOO nicotine pouches are the tactful conversion of tobacco snus. 

NIOO pouches provide a healthy and clean nicotine kick without tobacco, enabling you to enjoy a more refined and purer nicotine experience. You may be curious to know more about NIOO nicopods. Read this article to learn more knowledge about nicotine pouches. 

Do you need to spit with NIOO nicotine pouches?

Firstly, let’s start with the nicotine spit. Many new customers would ask if they swallow nicotine pouches spit when trying the pouches.

We know spitting is quite grossing. So here we need to reiterate that NIOO nicotine pouches don’t need to spit.

Actually, some people may confuse nicotine pouches with chewing tobacco. When using chewing tobacco, the tobacco will stimulate your mouth to create excessive saliva, which causes irritant effects on your esophagus and makes you want to spit. That is the same with some American and Swedish snus, one kind of oral tobacco product. 

Our NIOO nicotine pouches are designed in small white bags, and each pouch’s contents are keeping stayed inside. So no irritating substances directly act with the mouth, causing excess saliva and affecting the esophagus. We hope our tobacco free pouches can bring you the most enjoyable nicotine experience!

What are NIOO nicotine pouches made from?

NIOO pouches are made from high-quality plant fibres that ensure nicotine release most properly. Besides, the pouches contain stabilizers, fillers, pH balancers, sweeteners, food flavourings, and the nicotine extracted from natural plants. Moreover, NIOO pouches also come in various flavours for you to choose from. You can pick one according to your preference or contact NIOO to customize your recipe. 

Are nicotine pouches safe?

Contrary to popular opinion, nicotine isn’t a cancer-causing chemical. And carcinogenic substances are generally released in the process of smoking, which refers to the burning and combustion of tobacco leaves. Besides, snus and chewing tobacco contain preservatives and additives, releasing compounds called nitrosamines.

NIOO nicotine pouches are made of pure nicotine, containing zero tobacco. Thus, there is no risk of harmful nitrosamine when using NIOO pouches. In one word, NIOO nicotine pouches are totally safe to use. 

According to the research, up to now, there are no compelling shreds of evidence that nicopods have any negative health effects. And whatever the researcher eventually finds out, one sure thing is that nicotine pouches are dramatically less harmful than smoking and vaping. 

Are there any side effects to nicotine pouches?

We have surveyed to investigate the user experiences of using NIOO pouches. And the result shows very few side effects from our products. However, some say that the nicotine kicks make it difficult to fall asleep. Therefore, we suggest you don’t use the pouches if you go to bed. And you can still consume nicopods to relax or enjoy a nicotine hit before bedtime.

Moreover, you shouldn’t take any product over-dosing, including nicotine pouches. Or nicotine will cause diverse influences, such as nausea, hiccups, and stomach discomfort. If you want to know how to choose the proper dose, read “What Strength of Nicotine Pouch Should I Go For?”

How do you know nicotine pouches are safe?

When purchasing nicopods, some new beginners should ensure the pouches come from a reliable manufacturer. After all, the low-quality pouches may lead to a series of unknown risks.

For instance, to increase your nicotine addiction and sell more products, some unscrupulous manufacturers would provide pouches with high nicotine concentration levels that largely exceed the safety remits. Also, they may add other ingredients that are not listed on the label. Using any product containing unlisted substances can raise the risk of a damage or allergic reaction, as well as unwanted interactions with foods and other medications. 

At NIOO, each pouch is tested and tested again. Besides, we have a manager responsible for the effects and toxicology of our products to ensure our clients receive favourable results without any harmful impact. Therefore, you can rest assured that NIOO pouches are safe to use.

What happens if you swallow NIOO nicotine pouches?

If you accidentally swallow an NIOO pouch, there is no reason to panic. After all, nicopods are tobacco free and thus can’t cause an interior body riot. Our nicotine pouches are specially designed to be easily absorbed while sitting in the mouth. So after being ingested in the stomach, it will release a much lower nicotine level.

Furthermore, the ingredients in NIOO pouches are basically harmless. However, the actual pouches are not used to be digested. If you have done with a pouch, you are advised to remove it from your lips and throw it in a dustbin.

Just like chewing gums, accidentally swallowing a pouch in your lifetime should not be a cause for concern. But the ingredients in the pouches are not suitable for consumption in large quantities – don’t forget that nicotine is a chemical. So nicopods shouldn’t be consumed regularly, as that may lead to severe effects for a long time.

Hopefully, now you have a better understanding of our NIOO nicotine pouches. If you want to purchase our top-quality pouches, you can directly contact us, or tell us your requirement for customized service.

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