Why Choose Tobacco-free HNB Stick?

Tobacco-free HNB Stick

Currently, it has gradually become a trend for smokers to give up conventional cigarettes and choose tobacco-free HNB stick. They believe it is a healthier way to enjoy smoking. But some smokers are still doubting if tobacco-free HNB products are the right choice. Today, let’s get close to this product and figure out why you should choose it!

The harm of traditional tobacco cigarettes

We all know that traditional tobacco cigarettes are bad for our health. According to WHO (World Health Organization), all forms of tobacco use are harmful.

Research shows a direct relationship between lung cancer and smoking traditional tobacco cigarettes. Long-term smokers have a 10 to 20-fold higher incidence of lung cancer than non-smokers. Carbon monoxide and tar produced by tobacco combustion are the main substances that cause cardiovascular disease and cancer.

Besides, smoking traditional tobacco cigarettes can affect your family’s health. Experts believe that those who are exposed to second-hand smoke for more than 15 minutes a day over a year will get the same harm as smokers. Because smoking can activate the “proto-oncogenes” inherent in the human body, which leads to an increase in cancer incidence.

NIOO Tobacco-free HNB stick provides a healthier solution

Tobacco releases harmful substances at high temperatures and in combustion. Traditional cigarettes can reach high temperatures above 600 ° C when burned. HNB products only heat the tobacco to around 300° C without burning it, which is much safer to use.

However, for NIOO Labs, a leading HNB stick and nicotine pouch provider, the tobacco HNB product is never what it wants. The company has been investing resources in developing a healthier nicotine product and finally invented tobacco-free herbal heatsticks as a solution with several patents pending.

Unlike other HNB products which are made from tobacco, NIOO HNB stick is made from tea leaves and other natural plants. NIOO’s engineers meticulously choose the raw materials and apply modern machinery to transform them into stable particles that can retain nicotine and other flavorings, which are known as NIOO granulates.

Specifically, NIOO’s herbal heatsticks are a tobacco-free HNB product that includes a food-grade silicone cooler, filter tips, and NIOO granulates. It produces water vapor that primarily contains nicotine and amazing flavour after being heated to 300°C. Water vapor enters the mouth as a warm, pleasant vapor after passing past the silicon cooler and filter tip.

Currently, NIOO provides a series of flavors for its HNB stick. For people who prefer fruity flavors, they can try NIOO herbal heatsticks in blueberry. Yellow blast flavor also deserves a try which combines lemon and mint. Coffee and classic herbal heatsticks are two other popular flavors among smokers. Mint lovers can try both mint and menthol flavors.

How to quit tobacco use with NIOO HNB stick?

There is no one-for-all way for tobacco cessation. But there are still important steps that can help smokers to design a tobacco-free plan with NIOO HNB stick. Here we sort up the steps and provide tips for smokers.

The first step is also the most important, which is to show your determination to quit tobacco use to someone who means a lot to you, such as your family and friends. That can strengthen your will and become a driving force to prove that you can do the thing.

In addition, everyone who knows that you have made a decision to give up smoking tobacco products will be willing to help supervise in daily life. They can stop you when you want to use tobacco products.

The second step is to replace your tobacco product with NIOO tobacco-free HNB stick when you have the impulse to smoke. Using the herbal ingredient, NIOO HNB stick ensures tobacco-free and zero tar, which is quite safer for you to enjoy nicotine. In this way, there is no need for you to immediately destroy your daily smoking routine, which means you have no need to deal with withdrawal symptoms.

NIOO HNB stick won’t make your breath and clothes smell like smoking. Moreover, you can even try different flavors daily until finding your favorite.

The third step is to insist on quitting tobacco products. Actually, it is not difficult to find that some people have quit tobacco use because of family conflicts or health issues brought by tobacco products. However, soon, they will choose to smoke again. Determination really means a lot. 

You can give yourself a reward when you have insisted for a period. For example, you can buy yourself a gift after successfully quitting tobacco products for a month. Eventually, you can get rid of tobacco products.

Introduction about NIOO Labs

Quitting tobacco products is never an easy task. NIOO Labs is founded to provide a user-friendly platform with cutting-edge technology and innovation to help people quit tobacco and finally create a tobacco-free world. The company has spent around 3 million USD on establishing a testing laboratory with cutting-edge machinery.

For our products, our laboratory conducts more than 40 testing processes. We keep constantly innovating. We currently have more than 300 foreign patent registrations. Having rich industry experiences, our team are capable of customizing great products for clients.

With three global production facilities totaling more than 30,000 square meters, NIOO has become a prominent manufacturer of nicotine products. Our star products include nicotine pouch, HNB stick, lozenge, etc. We provide comprehensive creative product and production solutions for brands from more than 10 nations. Currently, a number of retail outlets, including Circle K, LIDL., Family Mart, and 7-Eleven, sell our products.

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