What is Tobacco Free Nicotine?

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Nowadays, there is an increasing number of products marked as containing “tobacco free nicotine”, such as e-cigarettes, pouches, and even gummies. However, you may feel confused about this kind of new product and want to find out: what indeed is tobacco free nicotine? Is it healthy?

In this blog, we will introduce this new concept. Continue reading to learn about tobacco free nicotine products and enjoy healthy smoking!

What is tobacco free nicotine?

Nicotine, in fact, is an alkaloid that was found in common food plants. Researches show that numerous vegetable plants from the Solanaceae or nightshade family contain a small quantity of nicotine, such as potatoes, tomatoes, and eggplants. The tobacco plant, Nicotiana Tabacum, is another member of the nightshade family and has a higher nicotine content.

Historically, nicotine has been used as a stimulant to increase feelings of well-being, fasten the sensory information processing speed, relieve tension, and sharpen the mind.

Worldwide, over a billion individuals daily consume nicotine, the great majority of whom smoke cigarettes. They enjoy nicotine by burning tobacco directly. In other words, they are enjoying tobacco-based nicotine.

Tobacco free nicotine is an emerging product that doesn’t come from a tobacco plant directly. It can be both synthetic nicotine that is produced in a lab or naturally-occurring nicotine that derives from other plants instead of tobacco.

Why is cigarette addictive? Is tobacco free nicotine product still addictive?

The causes of addiction are multifaceted and include pharmacological, psychological, and social factors. The primary addictive substance in tobacco cigarette is nicotine. As the tobacco free nicotine product still contains nicotine, it is addictive.

Dopamine and serotonin, neurotransmitters that produce a feeling of joy and well-being, are released when nicotine is consumed. Positive reinforcement and the avoidance of withdrawal symptoms are the basis of addiction.

The two primary factors in nicotine addiction are dose and speed. Larger nicotine doses and quick transport to the brain both make nicotine more addictive. These elements are influenced by the substance consumed as well as individual metabolic rates.

Cigarettes, which are meant to be breathed, deliver nicotine more quickly than snus and nicotine pouches, which are not meant to be inhaled. Smoking cigarette is one of the most addicting items because it delivers nicotine to your brain quickly. 

If you haven’t started smoking yet, don’t try it. It is addictive and harmful. If you have already smoked, please quit. If you cannot quit, you can make a change by trying other healthier nicotine alternatives, such as smokeless tobacco free nicotine pouch.

Is tobacco free the same as nicotine free?

Nicotine free products contain zero nicotine, while tobacco free products usually contain nicotine that has been derived from other plants except for tobacco or synthesized and produced in a lab.

Is nicotine bad for you?

It is well-known that cigarette smoking raises the risk of acquiring major diseases and causes early death, according to a large body of scientific research. You may feel it hard to believe, but the fact is, when examined independently of smoked cigarettes, nicotine – the substance in cigarettes (and other items containing nicotine) responsible for its addictive tendencies – has been proven to have additional properties. For example, science suggests that nicotine may have some therapeutic benefits in conditions like Multiple Sclerosis, Parkinson’s, and Alzheimer’s.

Treatment for nicotine addiction has also been demonstrated to enhance cognitive abilities such as focus, attention, executive function, learning, and memory.

Since nicotine does not cause cancer on its own, it is not a substance that the WHO, World Health Organization, considers to be carcinogenic.

Even though nicotine is a hazardous substance, it is virtually impossible to overdose by regularly using products like cigarettes, snus, and nicotine pouches, that contain nicotine because of its short half-life. Similar effects to those caused by high caffeine doses, such as palpitations, tremors, and nausea, can also be brought on by high nicotine doses. The main effects of nicotine on the body are an accelerated metabolism, an elevated blood pressure, and an accelerated heart rate.

Nicotine usage is particularly discouraged in cases of pregnancy, breastfeeding, and for people with known cardiovascular disease. As children and teens are a vulnerable demographic particularly sensitive to nicotine, there is typically an age restriction of 18 years old for purchasing products containing nicotine.

The British Heart Foundation provides the following summary of the harm caused by nicotine use: Despite being highly addictive, nicotine does not pose a serious health risk to those who do not have heart issues. It is not carcinogenic and does not result in acute cardiac episodes or coronary heart disease.

What’s next? NIOO tobacco free nicotine pouches!

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