Herbal Heatsticks:Dive Into the Depths of Tastes

Herbal Heatsticks

For those who have decided to quit smoking, e-cigarettes can be used as virtual cigarettes for smoking cessation and replacement cigarettes. However, recently,  there has been a trend for vapers to give up e-cigarettes and pursue HNB (heat-not-burn) products. Some vapers even mistake heatsticks with the latest HNB technology as the new generation of e-cigarettes because they have a similar appearance. But in fact, they are developed with completely different technologies and are two different products. Today we are going to discuss what is HNB product and why is heatsticks so popular.

Differences between e-cigarettes and HNB products

Although both HNB tobacco products and electronic cigarettes produce aerosols inhaled by the users with a heating device, e-cigarettes heat liquids that contain nicotine derived from tobacco while HNB products heat tobacco sticks. Heatsticks refer to incandescent tobacco containers that work with electronic devices. It has become an excellent alternative to e-cigarettes for those who want to be free from nicotine addiction.

Are heat not burn products less harmful than regular cigarettes?

In general, the maximum temperature of ordinary cigarette in burning can reach more than 800 ℃, which will produce more than 200 harmful substances at temperatures between 370℃ and 600℃. The HNB products usually support heating the tobacco to a temperature of no more than 350℃ without burning it, and then release the same taste as heated tobacco. And because of the lack of the combustion process, the HNB products produce less harmful substances than cigarette smoke, which attracts more smokers to abandon conventional cigarettes. According to research, HNB tobacco products have the potential to be a reduced risk product for public health compared to conventional cigarettes, considering indirectly the potential effects on chronic diseases which are traditionally linked to traditional cigarette use as well as secondhand exposure. Besides, one of the most obvious advantages of heat not burn products is that there is no need for people using the device to constantly remove ash or other residues from the surface of the heated stick.

About HNB heatsticks

HNB heatsticks are used to plug in battery-operated heating devices such as IQOS to heat tobacco and release nicotine and aerosol. Usually, the HNB sticks on the market are 10 or 20 sticks in each pack, sealed with moisture-proof stickers. Its smoke output is relatively smaller than e-cigarettes, and even the maximum power of the device will not be smoky. Everyone who attempts HNB heatsticks for the first time needs to go through an adaptation process. Then quickly, a smooth taste brings an excellent experience and the mouth will not be dry after smoking, which is an important element to make HNB better than e-cigarettes.

Smokers can definitely feel how much they like the taste of tobacco smoke. But the fact is that prolonged use of tobacco can lead to a series of problems such as bronchitis, emphysema, or throat cancer over time. Smokers have to gradually quit tobacco for their health. The invention of new types of HNB products – herbal heatsticks – can effectively help people quit tobacco while maintaining the same taste as cigarettes.

About Herbal heatsticks

Some people who want to quit tobacco use HNB heatsticks to help them smoke less. The newly herbal heatsticks developed by NIOO can help you quit tobacco step by step. A heated non-tobacco product, each herbal heatstick contains NIOO granulates, filter tips, and a food-grade silicone cooler wrapped in food-grade paper. Once heated at 300℃, it generates water vapor mainly containing nicotine and flavoring. The water vapor passes through the silicon cooler and filter tip to become warm, pleasant vapor into the mouth.

NIOO herbal heatsticks are tobacco-free and smoke-free. Unlike other herbal heatsticks derived from tobacco, NIOO granulates are derived from tea leaves and other natural plants. All the natural raw materials are carefully selected by our engineers from some of the world’s finest plants, and processed in cutting-edge machines to form stable particles which hold nicotine and other flavorings. There are only three steps to using the NIOO heatstick: 1. Plug it into the device for heat. 2. Wait for 10 seconds. 3. Enjoy.

With the goal of creating a smokeless and tobacco-free world, NIOO, a leading global manufacturer of nicotine and CBD products, provides tobacco-free heatsticks with rich tobacco flavor.

Here are four popular flavors that NIOO offers:

  1. Classic: The taste is very similar to traditional cigarettes with an exquisite and intense aroma. The excellent herbal extracts technology brings a luxurious mild tobacco aroma with a smooth and clean aftertaste.   
  2. Mint: The flavor offers a refreshing taste of mint, which is natural and clean. The natural mint extract will soothe and cool your mind and body all day.
  3. Blueberry: Tobacco mixed with fruity and menthol flavor, creating a rich taste experience. The sweet blueberry satisfies your needs and provides a sweet leisure time.
  4. Coffee: A flavor cannot be missed by coffee addicts. Its coffee scent is embedded in a rich smoking feeling from nicotine.

There are 16 other flavors for you to choose from. You can buy NIOO herbal heatsticks in 7-Eleven, Lido, Family Mart, Circle K and many other retail channels in your area or contact NIOO directly for more convenience.


Heat not burn products, also known as heated tobacco products, generate a flavorful nicotine-containing vapor with less harmful chemicals that are significantly reduced compared to cigarette smoke. The prevalence of HNB products leads to healthier tobacco-free smoking devices – herbal heatsticks, which can significantly help many smokers who are chemically addicted to nicotine quit tobacco gradually in stages. Therefore, herbal heatsticks can be a perfect replacement for cigarettes to help you quit tobacco and live a healthier life. NIOO is a leading brand of herbal heatsticks and has built NIOO LABS a user-friendly platform with the latest technology and innovation. NIOO heatsticks is compatible with IQOS and could contain nicotine or CBD with multiple flavors based on client requests, providing smokers with a pleasant, fresh experience.

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