Complete Beginner’s Guide to Nicotine Lozenges

nicotine lozenges

Quitting smoking is no easy feat ever. But using nicotine lozenges can make smoking cessation a lot easier. As one of the safest and most effective methods of nicotine replacement therapy (NRT), nicotine lozenges are frequently used by pharmacists to help smokers abandon tobacco in a short time. Therefore, if you are planning to give up smoking or just wanna get nicotine by tasting some sweet “candies”, don’t miss nicotine lozenges, especially the NIOO nicotine lozenges with more than 15 inviting flavors.

This article gives you a comprehensive introduction to nicotine lozenges, suitable for beginners to better understand this popular cigarette alternative.

What are nicotine lozenges?

Nicotine lozenges are a kind of over-the-counter medication that is widely used in cigarette cessation. A nicotine lozenge looks like small tic tacks or hard candy, available in flavors like mint, fruit, coffee, and cinnamon.

As the FDA-approved medicine generally used in quit smoking therapy, nicotine lozenges have become one of the most effective and popular quit smoking aid in recent years. Nowadays, you can easily get it from convenience stores, pharmacies, and large retailers.  

How do nicotine lozenges work?

If you have never tried nicotine lozenges before, you may wonder how this magic lozenge delivers nicotine and what you should pay attention to while using it. Let’s take a closer look.

When using nicotine lozenges, you can directly put them into your mouth for 1-2 hours so that they can be fully absorbed. As the nicotine lozenges are dissolving, it continuously delivers nicotine to your body through the bloodstream, which can temporarily relieve carvings.

Different from other regular lozenges, you can feel a tingling and warm sensation after placing it between your cheek and gums. Remember to allow it to dissolve slowly and rotate it from one side of your mouth to the other side.

Besides, what needs to be emphasized is that people using nicotine lozenges can’t smoke during that period. Don’t suck, chew, or swallow the lozenges, just contain them in your mouth.

How to use a nicotine lozenge?

Before taking a nicotine lozenge, you’d better choose the right dose for the best results. Generally, nicotine lozenges come in mini and regular two sizes, with two different strengths level: 2mg and 4mg.

Which of the strengths of nicotine lozenge is most suitable for you? It depends on how much you have smoked in recent days and when you usually have your first cigarette. If you are accustomed have your first cigarette after waking within 30 minutes, consider starting with 4mg nicotine lozenges. If not, try to start with 2mg.

Nicotine lozenges can be used up to 20 pieces per day to control nicotine withdrawal symptoms. Also, it is a perfect match for a nicotine patch applied together to relieve the stronger craving.

After you start taking nicotine lozenges, figure out the regular time when your body is longing for nicotine time, and then enjoy the nicotine lozenge before it happens. It is best to continuously apply the lozenges at least 9 pieces per day for six weeks in the first period. After six weeks, gradually decrease the frequency until complete cessation.

Using more than one nicotine lozenge may lead to heartburn or nausea. Plus, don’t use it right after another.

Taking nicotine lozenges reasonably can help you abandon the cigarette more effectively. You can make your plan according to the above recommendations or search for some professional advice.   

The pros and cons of nicotine lozenges

Firstly, for smokers, nicotine lozenges offer them more flexible options for nicotine replacement and are known for their great absorption of nicotine than nicotine gum.

According to research on smoking cessation, nicotine lozenges as an oral treatment can provide a physical substitute for a real cigarette, which has greatly influenced the quitting rate. Compared to placebo lozenges, nicotine lozenges significantly reduced nicotine cravings and withdrawal symptoms. High doses of lozenges can improve their efficacy in highly dependent smokers, which is superior to other replacements.

In addition to their effectiveness, nicotine lozenges are also convenient to use. Since they are similar to candy in terms of form and taste, you can carry them in your pocket and bag everywhere, which allows you can have quick relief from nicotine desire at any time.

Some mild side effects may occur if you miscalculate the proper dose for you, which includes sore throat, indigestion, nausea, hiccups, and heartburn. When you feel a little uncomfortable, adjust the strength or dose of the nicotine lozenges. And the side effects will disappear immediately after an adjustment.

NIOO nicotine lozenges: provide you with more choices

With the goal of building a smoke-free and tobacco free world, NIOO is dedicated to producing healthy smoking products. NIOO HNB sticks, nicotine pouches, and lozenges are well-selling across the world for their impeccable flavors and natural raw materials. Nicotine lozenges, as one of the three main products in NIOO, are highly recognized by the industry.

What makes NIOO nicotine lozenges so attractive? The key point is NIOO Labs.

NIOO Labs has developed its nicotine lozenges with a slow-dissolving and balanced design, putting you in command of an enjoyable nicotine experience. When longing for nicotine, you can pop in one piece of NIOO nicotine lozenges and move it from side to side in your mouth, and soon, you will feel a steady stream of pure and flavored nicotine. There is no need to chew or swallow it, and you can read a book or sit back to enjoy the relaxing moment.

NIOO lozenges are housed in a pocket-sized, durable long box so that you can easily carry or hold them. The innovative cover design allows you to access nicotine without extra strings attached.

Rich flavors are also one highlight of NIOO nicotine lozenges. At present, there are 17 flavors in the market, among which ice cool flavor and cherry drink flavor have been praised frequently for their excellent and unique taste.

With the increasingly updated flavor list, NIOO Labs will come out with more novel flavors for global customers. Let’s wait and see!

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